GEIRANGER FJORD (Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Destinasjon Geirangerfjord Trollstigen)
SLOGEN MOUNTAIN (Sverre Hjørnevik /
SUMMER NIGHT (Nordic Genesis)
SÆBØ, Hjørundfjorden (Matias Fredriksson/
HERØY BRIDGE (Nordic Genesis)

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MS Nordic Genesis is one of fastest moving passenger boats in the Sunnmøre region. With shorter travel time between the places to see, you get more time on the exciting places we visit.

Four of the most popular sightseeing trips are described below and shown on the map. You decide starting point and ending point. We will be happy to suggest the top spots to see at the places we call at, and we can arrange lunch or dinner at recommended places.

The fjords

Trip 1Hjørundfjorden

Many visitors rank the beautiful Hjørundfjord higher than the Geirangerfjord. The route visits the small communities Trandal, Urke /Øye and Sæbø. On this trip, a lunch at the legendary Union Hotel Øye is highly recommended. We can also arrange for a guided road trip through the incredible Norangsdalen.

Net sailing time from Ålesund/Vigra return: 2 hours


Trip 2 Geirangerfjorden

The unique Geirangerfjord is included on UNESCO’s world heritage list and one of Norway’s most visited placed. You get to see the magnificent waterfalls and the amazing farms along the fjord up close. We can also bring a local guide to take you and your guests the steep path up to the farm Skageflå.

Geiranger is the obvious place to go ashore. We would be glad to arrange your lunch and a guided tour to see the Vesterås farm, and the viewpoints Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba.

Net sailing time from Ålesund/Vigra return: 4 hours


The islands

Trip 3 Finnøy and Ona

This tour takes you right out to sea north of Ålesund. On Finnøy there is a modern engines factory, Finnøy Havstuer with restaurant and accommodation, and an spectacular aquapark.

The old fishing village and trading post Ona provides unique experiences. Today Ona is inhabited by handicraft artists and some fishermen, but go for a walk between the houses and up to the lighthouse. If you listen carefully, you might hear fishermen's shouts and the sound of running children's feet.

Net sailing time from Ålesund/Vigra return: 3 hours


Trip  4 Runde and Fosnavåg

The island Runde is south of Ålesund, hosting some 500,000 nesting birds from February to August.  We go outside the island, so you can contemplate the teeming bird life. We can also arrange for a hike with a guide up the mountain. It's an incredible feeling to look down on birds.

The tour continues to the small town of Fosnavåg, from where much of the Norwegian fishing and offshore fleets are controlled.  Fosnavåg has a great new water park, for those who want a dip - whatever the weather and season.

Net sailing time from Ålesund/Vigra return: 3 hours

Boat and ski/Boat and walk

More and more interested in nature and sports come to Sunnmøre to experience the world's finest scenery: Sunnmørsalpene with Hjørundfjorden and Stranda, and peaks like Slogen, Jakta, Smørskredtind, Saksa, Kolåstinden and many more. We pick up at the airport and take you where you want to start. We can also offer tours with local guides.


On the map

Trip 1: Vigra/Ålesund - Trandal - Urke/Øye - Sæbø - Ålesund Vigra

Trip 2: Vigra/Ålesund – Geiranger T/R

Trip 3: Vigra/Ålesund - Finnøy - Ona - Vigra/Ålesund

Trip 4: Vigra/Ålesund - Runde - Fosnavåg - Vigra/Ålesund


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